Our Story

Hush is peaceful, beautiful, and relaxed.  A perfect escape for anyone.

The rustic, cosy cabins of Hush Boutique Accommodation are surrounded by beautiful New Zealand native bush, providing privacy and seclusion. They are very popular with couples who are looking for an affordable, unique, and peaceful accommodation. The open plan communal Alfresco kitchen & dining area allows guests to dine in the fully equipped kitchen. The abundance of native birdlife completes the picture. A true Kiwi experience.

The Hush cabins were originally designed to replicate the first gold miner’s cabins that were built in Coromandel Town in the 1850s when gold was first discovered here, but a lot better appointed. They are constructed from local pine which was milled at The Colville Sawmill located on the Peninsula.

We look forward to welcoming you into the special ambience of Hush and Coromandel Town.

The Hush House was built in the 1950s. At one stage, it was used as a gathering place for some of the best creative artisans in Coromandel and for a while was painted candy pink. Many people stayed there, created there, and partied there. If walls could talk, there would be some very interesting stories being told! The area has a special feel and entices people to relax, kick back, and enjoy their surroundings, listening to the abundant birdlife that exists in the area.

Many believe that Hush was built on a ley line, which may be why it has such a special feel.

Hugh Rhodes owns and operates this magical site with his Tibetan Terrier Boof. Hugh is constantly planting and revegetating native trees and plants to maintain this oasis of relaxation, luring in the native Kererū, Tūī, and Sacred Kingfisher (Kōtare) and many others as guests.

Hugh still cant believe how great he sleeps here, and loves waking up to the birds singing instead of cars or alarm clocks. It is said that the bedrock is composed of boulders of quartz crystal, known for being a master healer. On a scientific level, quartz is a great electronic conductor because of its vibrational frequency and its high resistance to physical and chemical weathering. On a more spiritual level, quartz crystals amplify healing, stimulate the immune system and brings the body into balance.